Websites for Classical Musicians

Why should you choose this service?

After using some popular website builders for my own artist website for years, I got frustrated! These static websites require constant care and attention, otherwise your pages such as "Calendar" will quickly go out-of-date. Therefore I decided to combine my artistic experience and my coding knowledge and create a unique solution for musicians.

Why are most musician websites inconvenient to use?

Most musician websites use drag-and-drop website builders that can only create static websites. That means: you have to do everything manually! Your concert is over? You need to go and change it from upcoming events to past events (in fact, most musicians forget to do this and their calendars are outdated). Also: creating new pages for each event is a lot of work and copy-pasting!

Not anymore!

We have developed a modern, easy to use and fully automatic website especially for classical musicians! You enter your content in the pre-made admin panel, and the code takes care of the rest! Your calendar is always up to date, and the website comes with a lot of features!

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